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Printed in the UK

Printed in the UK

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Self Publishing your own book?

There is nothing as exciting as seeing your work in print for the very first time, with Azimuth Print it is now easy and affordable. Azimuth Print offers top quality cheap book printing services for authors and publishers looking to produce beautiful, yet cost effective books. Publishing your own book with Azimuth Print does not cost the earth and it is available to everyone. If you've been rejected by publishing companies and still feel your book should be on the stores bookshelves - why not self publish your book and market it yourself?

Print on Demand

Print on demand is quite simply a revolution in the book printing industry. It has opened up the possibility for having your work printed in either a hardback or paperback format. Until quite recently, printing a book was an extremely costly affair and could only be contemplated by either conventional printers or publishers. Now, with the introduction of digital printing, it is possible to literally have just one copy of a book printed at a very reasonable cost. There are no printing plates involved, no conventional printing presses and no need for minimum runs of thousands of copies. We allow the printing of single books at per-book costs not much higher than those paid by publishing companies for large print runs.

Our books

Azimuth Print use the latest digital technology, and high quality litho printing dependent on run length to deliver your professionally finished book. We can provide perfect bound books, wire bound books and hardback books in A4, A5 or A6 size, in an orientation of either portrait or landscape with sizes ranging from 64 to 500 pages and quantities from 1 to 500. As standard we use high-quality 300gsm gloss art paper for covers and your inner pages can be printed in full colour or black-and-white on 100gsm multi-copy paper, other paper types available on request. You can select from full colour matt or gloss covers. You can choose the cover to be laminated for greater protection if you wish.
Perfect bound books, wire bound books and hardback books can have a number of uses, not least in the business world. They are ideal for firms looking for a glossy and professional way of presenting their annual reports or providing training manuals to employees. They are also important outside of the workplace, for example among students looking to produce yearbooks to act as a reminder of their academic careers, or charities wanting to show that the money being raised is being put to good use. Aspiring authors can also make use of Azimuth Print books to produce the first run of their latest novel for distribution among friends and family, or to send on to publishers.

Self Publishing